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Phòng xông hơi tuyết lạnh

The cold snow sauna the last step in the beauty spa process.

In addition to the usual saunas: rock salt, infrared, mineral mud, the last step is cold snow steam to help balance body temperature, enjoy the benefits for the body. So what is a cold snow bath, how it works? The following article will help you understand best.

Phòng xông hơi tuyết lạnh bước cuối cùng trong quá trình spa làm đẹp.

  1. What is a cold snow sauna?

A cold snow sauna is a model of a sauna located in the Jjimjilbang sauna system of Korea. Accordingly, after going through the steaming process under the impact of temperature, it helps the body to sweat and eliminate harmful substances. The last indispensable step is the cold snow bath therapy to help balance body temperature, tighten pores.

Phòng xông hơi tuyết lạnh
Cold steam room

At temperatures ranging from 0 – 5 ° C, the cold room will improve blood circulation, the cold air concentrates on the skin surface and thereby regenerating the cells to restore the injured skin. loss.

The time spent sitting in the cold snow room, the person will experience a very interesting feeling, chills along his spine, going from hot to cold makes the body like undergoing a slight shock, not losing too much body temperature until balance is reached.

  1. The effects of cold snow baths

The fact has proven, the last cold snow steam during the experience at the Spa really brings many significant effects:

  • Enhances blood circulation and immunity of the body

When the hot steam increases blood production, the cold steam increases blood circulation to all parts of the body to ensure a balanced body temperature. In addition, cold saunas help boost metabolism, activate the immune system. Therefore, if the harmonious combination between hot and cold steam will be very good for the cardiovascular system, enhancing blood circulation and the body’s immune system.

Tác dụng của phòng xông hơi lạnh
Effects of cold saunas
  • Increases elasticity and removes wrinkles on the skin

The cold air tightens pores, stimulates the antioxidant capacity to smooth the skin, increases elasticity and makes the skin firmer. The cold steam emitted from the cold snow sauna helps the fat burning process work more strongly, strengthening the connective tissue in the abdomen. Moving alternately between the hot and cold saunas helps increase skin elasticity, contributing to the effective removal of wrinkles.

  • Relief of pain, inflammation, and physical recovery

As we all know, at low temperatures the survival rate of bacteria is very low. Although the temperature in the cold snow bath does not drop to zero, it is enough to inhibit the growth and kill many types of bacteria, very good for anti-inflammatory for the human body.

In addition, low temperature also helps relieve pain, promotes cell regeneration, and supports the recovery of damaged skin areas quickly.

  • Reduce stress

Sauna is the best therapy to bring you a sense of comfort, relieve all stress. Experience the cold snow sauna and you will find your body refreshed and energized to complete the set goals.


  1. Structure

A cold sauna room has a lot of constituent details, but the basic ones will have the following

  • Room :

Due to the bonding of the insulation and decorative materials, a cold sauna room is more complex than a conventional wooden sauna. The insulation is done inside the wall and the decorative material will have to be moisture resistant. Insulation materials can be used: glass wool, mineral cotton, especially Superlon. Superlon has a very high cost 5-6 times higher than conventional insulation, but it has high moisture resistance, very good durability.


Decorative materials: you can use ceramic tiles, or use white decorative stones, or use wood painted with absolute moisture.

  • Equipment

Depending on the area of ​​the room used, appropriate refrigeration equipment will be selected.


Thiết bị làm lạnh phòng xông lạnh
Refrigeration equipment for the snow bath

The cold saunas are equipped with a cooling system that emits negative ions, creating a rich oxygen environment that is good for the respiratory system. The cooling system is usually installed on the wall of the sauna, combined with clay or volcanic rock to create accents for the cold sauna.

A cold sauna is an important step in the health and well-being of a sauna. Through the information shared in the above article, you also know why calling the snow bath the last stop in the Jjim Jil Bang spa experience. With the above great benefits, please contact us for advice and own a cold sauna good for your health and your family.


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