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Entertainment is a necessity, it is needed for everyone, in all fields, all ages and anywhere. For children, entertainment is intellectual and light motor games designed to recognize the world and practice skills. The theme park is a public site / park that brings together a variety of recreational games (including thrills and adventure games) and events aimed at attracting large numbers of visitors and players for both business and cultural community purposes. Amusement parks are often larger in size and structure than regular parks, catering to a wide range of people of different ages, with the majority of targeted customers being children and teenagers.

Thrilling game Thrilling games are often interesting and attractive to the participants, especially young people. Requiring players to have good health, not suffer from diseases of the nerves, heart, blood pressure, … Consider choosing the right games is also quite necessary, avoiding many games. Thrilling play affects health and psychology. In addition, do not bring objects such as cell phones, wallets, glasses, hats, .. to avoid falling while playing that could cause injury to others.

Roller coaster

Free fall Rotating game

Flying tower

Swinging cable stayed …..

Healthy entertaining game In addition to the thrilling games, there are also gentle entertainment for children and parents. Games Super Speed ​​Rail, Streetcar, Swing Cup, Bee Spinning, Giant Wheel …

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