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Why is it necessary to install an infrared sauna at home?

The infrared sauna has truly become a companion in every family’s life. Instead of having to spend money going to the Spa many family can own an infrared sauna for themselves at home. Not only brings better relaxation, health care and beauty effects, but also convenient in installation and use. The infrared saunas have a structure like the morning sun, heating the body and not being dangerous to the user.

 Phòng xông hơi hồng ngoại tại nhà
                    Infrared sauna at home


Good for the health of the whole family

The benefits of infrared steam baths include: increasing body energy, eliminating harmful substances, improving the performance of the immune system as well as increasing blood circulation to all organs. body. A healthy immune system will help the body easily avoid diseases such as asthma, bronchitis, the common cold …

Lợi ích của phòng xông hơi hồng ngoại
             Lợi ích của phòng xông hơi hồng ngoại

Infrared saunas can be used to help patients with problems with chronic diseases. The infrared rays will penetrate the skin, bones to relieve pain quickly. Osteoarthritis patients or other bone and joint problems using the infrared sauna are also very good.

Compact design, delicate luxury

When buying and installing a traditional sauna, you have to think about the size of the house, the water supply system and the associated costs. However, with infrared saunas you can arrange in any area of ​​the house you want. Instead of using cumbersome steam generators that take up space, heat generators are just infrared bulbs or compact heat-generating circuit boards that are installed in the background, no need for water supply and drainage, common household power helps. the space in the sauna room becomes spacious.

The entire sauna area is best minimized. Therefore, with just a space of 1m2, you can install an infrared sauna for 2 people at home. Moreover homeowners can change the location after using it easily.
Working principle of infrared rays
Working principle of infrared rays

Focused infrared saunas heat the user directly, only about 20% of the heat from the infrared rays heats the air and the remaining 80% directly heats your body. The infrared rays enter the body in the horizontal direction, go deep inside the body about 7.6 cm (3 inches) through the bones to help reduce pain, reduce the risk of diseases of the bones and joints, breathing. Therefore, the infrared light system will be installed on the same level as the person sitting in the sauna, under the feet … In addition to traditional pine wood, the device is also made from a variety of wood with attractive colors and patterns. At the same time, the sauna uses a combination of tempered glass to clear the view, reduce the sense of urgency, increase the elegance of the space.

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Save energy and operating costs

A traditional sauna will take 20 – 35 minutes to heat up and reach the required temperature (65 ° C). Meanwhile, infrared saunas work effectively at lower time and temperature. Therefore, infrared saunas do not need too much energy to operate.

Tiết kiệm năng lượng, giảm thiểu chi phí
   TTiết kiệm năng lượng, giảm thiểu chi phí

Also, using a traditional sauna takes a fair amount of time for the steam to heat up properly. This process will consume quite a lot of electricity, especially if the family has continuous use needs. In contrast, infrared saunas can be used as soon as the power switch is turned on, it has helped you maximize energy cost savings.

Easy to clean, maintain, upgrade when there is a higher demand.

Not using a water source or a traditional steam machine will reduce the amount of moisture and steam in the room to help ensure the durability of the device. Choosing an infrared sauna will solve the problem of hygiene and preservation thoroughly. The sauna uses only deep infrared rays, the heat is gentle below the skin. In infrared saunas there is no large amount of steam like wet or dry saunas. So, you do not spend much time and effort on cleaning, but also always feel clean, well-ventilated even after using.

phòng xông hơi hồng ngoại

Image of infrared saunas

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