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Tấm phủ bể bơi và lợi ích không ngờ

Great benefits with pool cover that not everyone knows

An outdoor swimming pool helps you to comfortably swim and enjoy the open space. However, swimming pools are not always used and you do not want your tank to become dirty, endangering children. So what is the solution for you?

The pool cover system is designed with the purpose of protecting and shielding your swimming pool. It will ensure safety, help you reduce the cost of maintaining and maintaining your family swimming pool.

The benefits of swimming pool covers

  1. Keep leaves, twigs and debris from falling into the tank.

Family swimming pools often have small landscapes and trees around them, so when the trees fall into the tank you must remove them immediately. Because, if you leave leaves and debris in the tank for too long it will affect the durability and filtration of the equipment. In addition it also causes phenomena such as moss in the tank, sediment in the bottom of the tank or simply losing the landscape.

Especially, when the swimming pool is in the fall and winter, the demand for use is low. The installation of a cover for the pool surface helps you save a lot of cleaning time when you return to use.


Hệ thống tấm phủ bể bơi Hệ thống tấm phủ bể bơi

Pool cover system

      2. Reduce load by 30% water evaporation saves energy

The daily continuous evaporation of any pool in the summer can be more pronounced due to the hot weather. When you use a pool cover, it minimizes water evaporation due to its containment surface, reducing operating costs.

In addition, it saves energy because the swimming pool’s systems and equipment will be active when the water tank is protected. For example, the pump system will almost certainly no longer function because water evaporation is also reduced without frequent supply of water.

Tấm phủ bể bơi giúp giảm bốc hơi bề mặt
The pool cover reduces evaporation, keeping the water heat
  1. Help the pool retain heat

You already know why the water in the well is very cold in summer and quite warm in winter. Being underground and less exposed to the sun keep their temperature stable. So do you want to be hot during the day and your swimming pool is also hot and evaporated. Or early morning is extremely cold if you are planning to swim in the morning, that’s scary.

A pool cover will help keep your pool stable at around a certain temperature range. Even if it is hot outside, the sun is tied, the water temperature remains moderate. In addition, the coating system also helps keep the pool heat in a more stable state at night. So when the next morning you jump into the lake, the water is not too cold.

  1. Cut down on chemical use

35% to 60% of evaporation, direct radiation caused by sunlight or the impact of foreign objects entering the swimming pool will change the chemical structure of the water. With a pool cover will help you safely get rid of the above problems in the best way.

Thanks to that, the effects of swimming pool water on human health are also clearly minimized. Science has proven that, for a long time, no treatment of swimming pool water will lead to phenomena such as red eye pain, constant sneezing leading to allergic rhinitis….

  1. Cut down on dehumidifiers and additional ventilation system

Humidity of water vapor has always been the enemy of buildings from large to small, causing them to degrade and reduce their lifespan faster. To avoid affecting the buildings, owners often buy more expensive equipment for the purpose of dehumidifying, disinfection or heating. However, for a pool cover you don’t need to do that. Minimize evaporation, minimize risk on other structures and ultimately reduce costs.

  1. Minimize accident risks as a security barrier

Tấm phủ đảm bảo an toàn cho gia đình có con nhỏ
Coverings ensure safety for families with young children

There are some statistics that show that there are many accidents where children stumble into swimming pools and die. To minimize that problem, the pool cover acts like a security fence when no one is in use. As such, they will help reduce the risk of a swimming pool accident to almost 0%.

Here’s how to install a tank cover, automatically operated by motor:

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