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Bể bơi vô cực

The most beautiful infinity pools in Vietnam

Infinity pool is no longer a strange concept to everyone, especially young people. This is an ideal place to check in and have fun for everyone while on vacation or traveling. The following article will give you an overview of the infinity tanks and introduce the most beautiful tanks in Vietnam today.

What is infinity pool?

Hồ bơi vô cực
The infinity pool offers unlimited views

An infinity pool with the same features and structure as regular pools with invisible design create the feeling of the pool extending to infinity. These swimming pools are often built outdoors in luxury resorts, hotels near the sea or mountains to increase the sense of immensity and spaciousness. Visitors come in addition to recreational swimming also to take beautiful pictures beside the lake.

At first glance you will feel the infinity pool is quite dangerous when it has no wall, making you feel like swimming out of the pool. However, it’s just the visual trick design of it. The swimming pools have a 100% safety system, so feel free to enjoy the newness of this pool.

In order to create a new, unique space to keep up with the trends in the world. The infinity pools are gradually appearing in Vietnam, especially in tourist and resort areas. Here are the most beautiful infinity pools in Vietnam that you can check in.

1.   Topas Ecolodge, Lao Cai

Hồ bơi vô cực
The infinity pool Topas Ecolodge, Lao Cai lets you immerse yourself in nature

Located in Topas Ecolodge resort – in the top 21 green resorts selected by National Geographic. The infinity pool Topas Ecolodge, Lao Cai, is built on a hillside with an altitude of up to 900 meters above sea level. The swimming pool also has a modern heating system for you to experience a new sense of relaxation every season of the year. This is also the most beautiful infinity pool in Vietnam.

2.  Swimming pool at Belvedere Resort (Vinh Phuc)

Specially designed in an elevated position with views overlooking the cloudy mountains covered, the cloudy swimming pool at Belvedere Resort is one of the favorite destinations of travelers. Immersed in this ideal space, visitors will have the feeling of hovering in the middle of the mountain while ensuring a full experience of comfortable equipment systems.


3.   Rosaka Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa

Hồ bơi vô cực
The infinity pool where you enjoy the time of true relaxation

Also inspired by designs around the world, the Rosaka Nha Trang Swimming Pool is located on the rooftop of a 22-story building. The view of Nha Trang Bay makes you feel like you are in the middle of the sky. This is also an attraction for young people because the beautiful view can give shimmering virtual live pictures. An enjoyable experience while swimming while watching the bay and the beautiful city of Nha Trang.

4.   Swimming pool Amiana Resort (Nha Trang)

At the swimming pool at Amiana Resort, visitors will admire the beautiful, gentle beach, bringing the feeling of being in harmony with nature in the blue sea. You have just been immersed in the cool water, breathing the fresh air, especially at dawn and dusk.

Bể bơi vô cực

5.   Nam Hai, Hoi An

Although not high, the infinity pool Nam Hai, Hoi An was voted as one of the 25 must-try swimming pools in the world. The swimming pool is located on the campus of Nam Hai resort, with a breathtaking view and it is difficult to distinguish between the sea and the pool.

Hồ bơi vô cực

The swimming pool is also designed with very fresh and quiet surrounding trees for you to relax or take beautiful pictures.

6. Rooftop swimming pool at Alacarte hotel (Da Nang)

This is the first infinity rooftop swimming pool in Vietnam, Alacarte hotel swimming pool with L design. Here, visitors can see Son Tra peninsula, My Khe beach as well as relax and choose for yourself. Best virtual live shooting angle.

Bể bơi vô cực
The infinity pool gives you virtual live pictures

The infinity pool Léman Cap Vung Tau is a tourist attraction of Vung Tau, where you can both relax and feel free to create pictures with no one and make everyone admire. Hopefully, DICTECH has helped you understand about the infinity pool as well as the most beautiful infinity pools in Vietnam. Helps you with options for your travel.

7. The world’s tallest gold-plated infinity pool at Hoa Binh Green Da Nang

Located on the top of the 29-storey building of Hoa Binh Green Da Nang, the gilded infinity pool is designed for water to flow over the wall of the pool, making the pool surface always flat like a mirror and creating the feeling of the pool extending to infinity very much like the Marina Bay Sands building in Singapore.

The swimming pool has a length of 68m and has been confirmed and announced by the World Records Union (WorldKings) that it is the tallest and largest 24K gold-gilded infinity pool in the world today.

From the swimming pool, visitors will see the majestic Hai Van mountain range, the green Son Tra peninsula with the romantic Han River at the feet. White sand beaches stretching from Son Tra to Hoi An, bridges that become typical symbols of Da Nang such as Dragon Bridge, Thuan Phuoc Bridge, or the sparkling city image at night … are in sight.

8.   Léman Cap Vung Tau

Bể bơi vô cực khiến bạn khó phân biệt bể và biển

Vung Tau is a tourist city with an infinity pool Léman Cap Vung Tau. The swimming pool is designed on the back of the mountain, overlooking the sea, increasing the infinity for the pool. This swimming pool is available to guests staying in the hotel. With a fairly wide design, facing the sea, you will feel like you are about to blend into the clear blue sea in just a split second.

What is more wonderful than Vung Tau tour in the villas is indulging in the unique swimming pool. Even there are virtual live pictures “better than distilled water”.

9. Swimming pool at Villa Del Sol Beach House (Phuú Quoc)

hồ bơi vô cực

Attracting the curiosity and love of visitors, Villa Del Sol Beach House not only has a dreamlike space with extremely high-class amenities, it also has an infinity pool with extremely unique architecture.