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Nguy hiểm cháy nổ bình nóng lạnh tại nhà

Unexpected danger from the indoor heater

In every family, there is an indispensable heater that provides hot water for daily activities. Explosion is very rare, but it is extremely dangerous to encounter. In winter, the heater will operate more often and it also poses potential dangers for you to use. Most of the hot and cold water bottles on the market when in use do not have any problems because it is new and has complete safety systems. However, during installation and use, it is in danger of electric leakage, fire and explosion if the user does not pay attention.

The heater of the Hanoi family caught fire on its own

The mother and daughter almost lost their lives due to the explosion of the heater and a warning to the families

Shocked when the heater suddenly exploded black in the bathroom

The causes of the heater explosion

The heater is overloaded by turning on continuously all day

Nguy hiểm cháy nổ bình nóng lạnh tại nhà

The user’s habit is to turn on the bottle continuously 24/24 when not in use and while bathing, causing electricity leakage. Because many users think that the heater has integrated a self-disconnecting relay, but do not know that this relay’s real operation is just adjusting the temperature, that is when the water temperature is low, the relay will provide electricity to preheat water to the required temperature, disconnect the power when the water temperature is too high and there is no function to prevent leakage of electricity to water.

All-day power supply to such an heater for a long time will result in a deformation of the resistance wire (or mayso wire) and the insulation in the heater, causing the mayo wire to touch the cover or the insulation pad to be damaged due to operation. overload, thus causing a very dangerous leakage of electricity out. So after you have heated the water you should turn off the electricity for the heater not only to avoid danger but also to save monthly electricity costs for the family.

The insulation of the heating element in the heater is corroded

The second cause of electric leakage in the heater is due to corrosion in the process of using the insulating layer of the heating element. Because the heater operates based on the temperature of the heating element, when heating water, the temperature of the heating element is very high, in a long time, this insulation will corrode causing electric leakage to the water source.

Broken heater has rubber seal

The insulating rubber gasket on the heater is the part that connects the resistor wire (mayso wire), the casing and the electric wire. For a long time in use, this insulating rubber gasket will be damaged, broken because it is old or because the resistance of the heater is still working when there is no water, which ignites the insulating rubber seal. From there, the damaged insulating rubber gasket will cause water permeation, causing electrical leakage to the outside, causing danger to the user.

Use hot water continuously without worrying about

With many advantages and convenience Heatpump heat pumps are gaining popularity in recent times. Absolutely safe no electricity leakage, no water scalds save energy due to natural use. The heat pump technology center water heater is a device that heats water through heat exchange technology with natural air or medium. It works on the principle of thermodynamics, using a small amount of energy to absorb and regulate the temperature, moving it to the desired place from hot to cold or vice versa.

  • 75% energy saving

  • Safe for user and friendly with environment

  • High strength, no special maintenance required

  • Use at any time regardless of weather despite power outage.

To avoid the dangers of using a normal heater, you should install for your family a central hot water system that can be used for a long time without fear.


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