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Dự án cung cấp lắp đặt thiết bị bể bơi chung cư Mulberry Lane

Located in a prime location of Mo Lao new urban area, is a new residential area in Ha Dong district area. The project has five buildings with 1,478 luxury apartments overlooking the lake and city. Unlike other housing projects in the city, Mulberry Lane stands out with its architectural design, unique space, quality of construction, and many amenities that combine to form a complete building. Mulberry Lane apartment project is considered as a miniature city with full standard facilities: children’s swimming pool, white bath area, gym, sports area (tennis area, basketball area, …) . Jogging track, gymnasium, sunbathing area, retail, reading strip….

The swimming pool at the Mulberry Lane project is designed in a very detailed and modern manner by the investor in a resort style with Olympic standards, in order to bring the most refreshing and convenient sports experience .. That’s why choosing a home Construction and installation of equipment is also very strict.

Entrusted by the investor to execute the project DIC Investment Joint Stock Company has actively prepared manpower, finance … for the construction to ensure on schedule. Image of the project after DIC has completed:


Bể bơi lớn dưới chân 4 tòa tháp khu đô thị Mulburry Lane

Large swimming pool located at the foot of 4 towers of the Mulburry Lane urban area

Bể vầy uốn lượn quanh bể bơi với độ sâu phù hợp để cho trẻ em sử dụng

The pool meanders around the swimming pool with a depth suitable for children’s use


Vòi phun nước bên cạnh bể bơi

Unique sprinkler next to the swimming pool




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