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Bộ bơi ngược dòng trị liều cho sức khoẻ

Swimming pool upstream swimming pool with excellent therapeutic effect

With a small and modest pool area, an upstream swimming pool is installed to support health training, fitness and water play. With a large capacity, creating an extremely strong reverse flow, plus the repulsion to create water flows like a tornado to help maneuver underwater effectively like a real bathing.

Bộ bơi ngược dòng trị liều cho sức khoẻ

Mode of operation:

Upstream swimmers use pressure to pump with high velocity and flow, creating strong water currents, pushing swimmers back, preventing swimmers from reaching their destination. This is a standalone system, independent of the hydraulic cycle of the swimming pool. Pool water is sucked in through vents on the side of the front panel assembly and pushed out through a nozzle on the center console. The direction and intensity of the water jet can be adjusted by adjusting the nozzle control. An air valve, also located on the front panel, regulates the flow of air bubbles into the water.

Applicable to swimming pools, small space swimming pools but still satisfying for swimming, professional training, health training. Installation is suitable for terrestrial and rooftop swimming pools, mini and medium swimming pools for families, villas, hotels, creating a new feeling, attracting swimmers. Compatible with concrete constructions, lining, spa outdoor swimming pools.

Advantages of upstream swimmers

Bộ bơi ngược dòng trị liều cho sức khoẻ

The upstream swimming head can be used in places with limited space, helping to exercise health, underwater massage and swimming. The waves that push backwards help you practice swimming on the spot to practice swimming techniques while training your own endurance. Especially for people with osteoarthritis, the water stream reduces resistance, making it easier for people to swim.

The pool back-flow pump helps this place get new experiences because its original purpose when it was built is to serve the needs and people to relax. On summer days, families often tend to travel to the beach to enjoy the cool water and whispering waves. But for many reasons, if your family cannot go and wants to enjoy the mini beach at home, the upstream swimming pool is the most effective and optimal solution.

Not only that, the reverse pump makes the water move to create oxygen in the pool to help swimmers avoid suffocating, good for strength. If the water in the swimming pool is static, lack of oxygen, over time it will produce harmful bacteria to human health. Create a true resort destination right in your home without having to go to the crowded seas during the holidays.

Construction of swimming upstream

The back-flow pump is designed to be illuminated using the control panel and the ability to adjust the air bubbles, change the direction of flow, suitable for construction pools and lining tanks.

The On / Off light switch is mounted on top of the pump head, easy to use while swimming, the water flow can be changed through the rotary jet pumps.

A small swimming pool with upstream swimming system helps your family have moments of comfortable swimming and exercise at home without having to go far.


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